Restaurant Loyalty Programs – Questions to Consider

restaurant loyalty programsWith competition for customers’ dining dollars increasing every day, it’s no wonder restaurant loyalty programs are increasingly popular. Retaining existing customers is, as a rule, less expensive than enticing new ones. That’s why MOXY Restaurant Solutions offers a full-service loyalty program package for your restaurant.

Questions to Consider for Your Loyalty Program

If you’ve decided to set up a loyalty program, you’ve made a choice that can be extremely beneficial to your business. Start off by asking yourself some of these important questions:

  • Which customer behavior do you want to reward? Do you want repeated visits, buying certain items, spending certain amounts? Knowing your business priorities will help us shape a loyalty program that works for you.
  • What kind of rewards should you offer? Which of your products are your most popular items? Are there any you can afford to make into loss leaders? Also, consider alternative rewards, like special merchandise or donations to causes.
  • How quickly should rewards accrue? Studies show that the #1 reason people quit loyalty programs is that their rewards take too long to accrue. Can you afford to increase the reward speed? We’ll take all these factors into account.

MOXY Restaurant Solutions will meet with you to address these questions and learn what your goals are. Once we know, our team of experts in software, business, and restaurants will apply their knowledge to help you succeed.

What Makes Restaurant Loyalty Programs Successful?

To get the ROI your business requires, a loyalty program needs to have a few key qualities:

  • Visibility: One common problem for restaurants trying to start loyalty programs is that customers simply don’t know about the programs. To engage customers and get them to sign up, you need a professional rollout for your loyalty program. MOXY Restaurant Solutions can create a tailored publicity campaign with table tents, social media posts, and more.
  • Accessibility: User experience is everything in today’s market. If you’re not making it easy for your customers, they’ll probably go somewhere else. MOXY will help you develop a loyalty program with smooth mobile integration and an easy, pleasant interface.
  • Rewards: You need to offer rewards your customers want — but also balance that with sensible decisions for your bottom line. MOXY can help you develop a business plan that keeps an eye on your profit margins while delivering enticing rewards. Restaurant loyalty programs are only beneficial if they are attractive to patrons and easy to use.

How does MOXY Restaurant Solutions Create a Unique Loyalty Program?

MOXY Restaurant Solutions has the tools to make your loyalty program deliver top-notch ROI:

  • Retrofitted solutions for existing POS systems or integrated builds with our Dinerware POS.
  • Branded mobile app – custom-built for your restaurant’s needs.
  • Social media advertising and analytics packages to help you drive sign-ups and increase engagement.
  • In-house expert content creation and graphic design for marketing materials.

Ready to get your loyalty program started and retain and engage your customers more? Call MOXY Restaurant Solutions at 336-588-9405 or use our contact form.