Restaurant Online Ordering Software from MOXY Restaurant Solutions

restaurant online ordering softwareAs technology has evolved, it has offered numerous advances for the restaurant industry. As a result, one of the most popular trends today is online ordering. Featuring fast and easy convenience, online ordering is attractive to many customers. Moreover, it allows restaurants the chance to meet and engage with customers wherever they are. After all, the easier it is to order food, the more likely customers are to do it—and keep doing it. MOXY Restaurant Solutions offers cutting edge restaurant online ordering software solutions. Best of all, they can create stunning websites that feature an online ordering portal.

How Restaurant Online Ordering Software Can Work for You

Most restaurant owners know that online ordering is prevalent in the marketplace and that their competitors are now using it. However, since it is so new, many don’t know exactly how this all works. To determine the benefits requires first understanding how restaurant online ordering software works. Essentially, there are three different buckets into which online ordering systems fall:

  • Integrated—integrated systems are typically ideal for most restaurant owners. However, this option is only available if your POS system has integration capability. Assuming it does, then the process is very straightforward. Customers place orders online, which feed directly into the restaurant’s POS system. Tickets print for kitchen and cashier and payment processes automatically.
  • Non-integrated—non-integrated systems offer less streamlining but still produce numerous benefits. In these systems, customers place their order online and orders go to a dedicated receipt printer. Then, employees transfer this information directly into their own POS system. Typically, they capture payment information and re-enter it at the same time as the order.
  • Third-party delivery—third-party delivery services are most well-known. Companies like Grub Hub and Uber Eats pick up food from a restaurant and deliver to customers. The upside for restaurants is that they aren’t responsible for overhead costs of delivery. Additionally, these services have large customer bases and can drive sales immediately.

Dinerware POS is the Ideal Integrated Solution

Whichever solution is right for your business, MOXY Restaurant Solutions can set it up. They have been designing and implementing custom solutions for more than 6 years.

As authorized, preferred dealers for the industry-leading Dinerware POS system, they can handle installations for a single restaurant or a national chain. Dinerware POS offers intuitive, reliable, and easy-to-use systems that enable restaurants to attract customers and drive sales. Additionally, the software is quick, easy, and offers robust features for restaurant owners. Therefore, for integrated solutions, Dinerware POS can’t be beat.

Custom Website Creation

MOXY Restaurant Solutions can also design a custom website with online ordering functionality. Additionally, they can craft a marketing strategy and ongoing promotions to gain maximum uplift in sales. Simply put, restaurants can’t remain competitive if they are not using restaurant online order software to increase sales.

So, give MOXY Restaurant Solutions a call today at 336-588-9405 for a no-obligation consultation for your business.