Print Restaurant Promotions

Restaurant Promotions

Print isn’t dead, it’s just changed.  MOXY understands print and its ability to drive engagement and evoke emotion.  We take care of everything when it comes to print restaurant promotions, in addition to our digital products and services. Handling every step of your printing needs includes creative development if required, QR codes, mobile landing pages and back-end systems, production, fulfillment and shipping.  Need laminating services or frames for posters? No problem!

We have found through our experience what works and what doesn’t.  Although it varies with every customer, there are some general rules.  Most of today’s consumer base engages with brands across multiple media.  It is important to deliver your message, and more importantly, to include a way to capture, measure and retarget that base across the different media channels.  We do this with print both in your place of business and with direct mail pieces for specific types of promotions.

We find well-planned restaurant promotions using a combination of table tents, posters, window clings, handouts, rack cards, etc., helps drive your customers to Facebook, mobile landing pages, review systems, e-mail signups, gift card purchases, web and more.  Driving customers to these experiences and delivering a uniform message gives you the ability to continue the conversation with your customer and keep your brand front-of-mind.

“Photography sells and builds an engaged audience. We find that our food service customers achieve strong engagement when we use actual photos of their food and behind-the-scenes shots.  When we use these on Facebook, the ‘Likes’ are through the roof.  The right image can evoke consumers’ emotion and solidify their connection with a brand. These consumers become your brand-building advocates.  Combine that with a call to action in print, which drives customers to complete an action on digital media, and you have a winning plan.”

John Van Schaik-Founder-MOXY Restaurant Solutions

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