Restaurant Solutions for the 21st Century

restaurant solutionsDo You Need to Streamline Your Restaurant Technology?

Once upon a time all a server needed to do the job was a pen, an order pad, and an apron. Cash registers were huge and loud. Adding machines cluttered the office or server station. Cooks and kitchen staff had to read water- or grease-stained tickets. Maybe there are still a few restaurants like that in the world. Maybe yours is one of them. You need restaurant solutions that are easy to implement, so you can experience pain-free modernization.

Maybe your problem isn’t antiquated systems, but too many systems. You have credit card readers, inventory software, POS systems, hand-written signs. All of these systems require technicians, different vendors, and most likely several strategies to deal with problems. And don’t even mention the miles of cables and cords required to keep all that stuff operational.

Restaurant Solutions for the Modern Hospitality Industry

Years of experience in hospitality and digital marketing make MOXY Restaurant Solutions an amazing resource for restaurant owners. We can provide one point of contact for all of your software and hardware systems. Streamline your operation with a complete system that integrates all your components and delivers measurable results.

Consider these services/solutions at your disposal – all able to integrate with one another:

  • Tablet and Terminal POS: Restauranteurs created Dinerware for restauranteurs. It is easy-to-use and flexible. Menu changes and other updates are easy to execute.
  • Digital Signage: MoxyVISION digital signs are cost-effective and easy to manage. This is a growing trend in hospitality, with great ROI for businesses that invest in digital signage. Change menu boards or promotional signs from your smartphone. Promote high-margin items. Data proves patrons order items promoted on the attractive signage.
  • Responsive Website: Restaurant websites require many system integrations. Rely on our years of hospitality experience to create a website that works. You also own your site! MOXY gives you full ownership.
  • Social Media: Restaurants have different needs regarding social media. Our experience managing multiple areas of engagement helps you create a successful program. Being social media savvy is critical for building your brand.
  • Photography: Good quality photographs of your food engage your customers and promote your brand. Don’t rely on photos taken by the kitchen staff on an iPhone, or a customer’s Instagram post. Use the best resources to promote your business.

If you’re a restaurant owner or manager, you need strategies to manage your unique circumstances. Contact your digital marketing and hospitality industry experts here. Solve your day-to-day troubles with streamlined technology developed by MOXY Restaurant Solutions.