Restaurant Website Design Made Easy with MOXY

restaurant website designWant to increase traffic in your restaurant? You need an interactive website design and social media presence to attract the wired generation. This can be a daunting task, so let MOXY Restaurant Solutions simplify it for you. Use MOXY Restaurant Solutions for your restaurant website design; it will connect to your social media, e-mail lists, and more. Turn a looming problem into a simple solution with one phone call.

Capture Your Patrons’ Attention with a Calendar

One of the newest features offered by MOXY Restaurant Solutions is the Universal Events Calendar. With a few clicks, you will update your online calendar with important dates. When you send out your update, you will also have the ability to update your patrons’ calendars! If you have weekly or nightly entertainment at your restaurant, your patrons will always know who is playing.

Integrate Your POS System

Another special design feature offered by MOXY Restaurant Solutions is the integration of your Point of Sale (POS) system. As you make changes to your prices in the POS system, these link to your website menus. Instead of changing items in four or five places, with this system you only need to make one change. It makes updating your website simple and immediate.

Restaurant Website Design with All the Bells and Whistles

Restaurant websites have a lot of features that need lots of care and attention to detail. Whether the online menu, Google Maps driving directions, or photo galleries, you want each done with precision and care. Making sure all of the items mesh can be tricky. Let MOXY Restaurant Solutions handle all of components of restaurant website design for you. They handle everything including responsive sites, reviews, social feeds, merchandise stores, and so much more. Check out Mario’s Pizza’s website to see a site created by MOXY Restaurant Solutions.

The Best Part!

The best part of using MOXY Restaurant Solutions is that you are not giving up the ownership of your website! Other website design companies do not always allow you complete ownership of your site. However, with MOXY Restaurant Solutions, you maintain the ownership of the entire website and have access to all files.

You need your time for working in your restaurant – not worrying about creating your website. Let MOXY Restaurant Solutions work for you. Give them a call at 336-588-9405. Or, contact them through their online quoting system to get your website started today.