Social Media for Restaurants

Social Media for Restaurants is quite different from typical social media management and requires experience managing the multiple areas of engagement to create a successful program. Developing a strong Social Media presence today is also instrumental in building your brand.  Companies that invest in this medium reap the rewards of the best R.O.I you can get for marketing dollars today.  But to do it right takes time, experience and the proper tools to leverage information to grow your audience.

MOXY delivers comprehensive programs without the hard costs of an in-house staff and related overheads.  We offer programs for single social networks like Facebook, or multi-channel programs covering Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and more.  Every industry and market is different, so we suggest the programs we feel will give you the best return based on your market niche.


Social Media Analytics

One of Social Media’s strengths is immediate feedback.  This includes not only direct feedback in the form of comments and “Likes,” etc., but the more important information you can gain through our analytics systems.  We monitor all your channels and report back on engagement, demographic information including gender, age groups, location information and areas of content in which your audience is interested.

This information is key in other areas of your business when making marketing decisions.  Whether you incorporate it into traditional print advertising, direct mail or digital marketing, you will know, while you are still in the planning stages of any marketing campaign, who your target demographic is and where your best prospects for conversion are located.

We also identify and measure exactly who your brand advocates are and who is engaging with your brand the most.  Finding these individuals helps us reach out to them to help expand your audience.


Social Media Advertising

For our hospitality clients, we have found that we can build engaged audiences using social media targeting, which can be done on a modest budget.  We do this through advanced demographic targeting applied to sponsored posts.  By targeting the social media customer by zip code, age groups, gender and preferences, we don’t waste your budget on an audience that doesn’t respond to your product.  Instead, we get strong engagement in the form of new followers and direct comments.  With the affordable pricing of social media ads, it is currently the best value in advertising for your marketing dollars.


Engage Your Audience

Your customers will take the time to engage with your brand.  If you are not responding, you will lose their interest.  Brands that maintain a conversation with their engaged customers see increased customers through word-of-mouth, as well as positive comments shared with that customer’s friends.  MOXY handles this for you, we get to know your business, its products, its value proposition and treat it as though it’s our own.  We are your ultimate brand advocate.  As our social media managers do nothing but social, we keep an eye on the pulse of your page and offer ongoing suggestions for building value with your customers.  We report back, not only on stats and demographics but what customers are requesting, if there are issues your customers are bringing up that need to be addressed, and more.

Our software monitors the web for comments not only on social media, but directory and review sites as well, so we can head off issues fast and can also engage with the people who are touting your brand. All of these efforts also contribute to reputation management, which is critical in today’s high-volume internet commentary.

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