The Best iPad POS System from MOXY Restaurant Solutions

Business owners face many challenges. This is especially true for restaurant owners. Owners and managers must find a way to expand their customer base, increase sales and improve efficiency. For owners with multiple retail locations, this challenge is even greater. Luckily, there are tools that can help owners find this success. For example, an iPad POS system is flexible, powerful, and easy to use. And, when it’s backed by MOXY Restaurant Solutions, it is even more powerful. Below, we describe how the Heartland Restaurant system can improve operations.

iPad POS System

In 2019, there is no better iPad POS system software than this Heartland product. For over twenty years, Heartland software has been the most robust, powerful and customer-friendly. Backed by service from MOXY Restaurant Solutions, it is the best POS solution available today. That’s primarily because it runs on the easy-to-use iPad from Apple. Apple’s intuitive iOS software helps cut down on learning curves for new employees. Moreover, the feature set from Heartland is unmatched. Check out some of the many features below:

  • Guest Engagement App—market directly to customers’ smartphones. This companion app pairs perfectly with Heartland Restaurant for transformational improvement of all operations.
  • Online Ordering—accept online orders with this fully-integrated solution. Process credit card payments and more directly from the POS. Plus, match the interface to your site for brand awareness.
  • Menu Building—build or update menus in real time. Highlight happy hour or daily specials to keep patrons coming back day after day.
  • Self-Order Kiosk—let customers check out themselves during lunch or other times. This in-store interface enables guests to place orders and pay on their own for quick service.
  • Time & Attendance—keep track of employee hours and time sheets. Built right into the POS, this feature allows staff to sign in and out for automatic reporting.
  • Loyalty Program–this function is important to grow your customer base and attract new patrons.

Integrate with Other Solutions

POS systems are just one of the software solutions available to business owners from MOXY Restaurant Solutions. MOXY Restaurant Solutions offers a full range of services to help every customer run their business more efficiently and more profitably. Everything from retail operations to marketing improves with their solutions. Cutting-edge software and unmatched service will lead to an increased customer base and increased sales. Check out some of their other services below:

  • Digital signage—boost sales and attract customers. Furthermore, update your restaurant with modern, digital menus that keep customers enthralled. Advertise specials or featured dishes or drinks. In addition, MOXY Restaurant Solutions can create custom content with photos and videos or stream sports, weather or traffic in any format you choose. Thus, there’s virtually no end to the benefits!
  • Digital menus—save money over traditional print menus and easily highlight specials. Plus, with Heartland Restaurant POS, you can make updates in real-time, no matter how many retail locations you have. Basically, with just a few clicks on any keyboard you can update menus for one location or a chain nationwide.

Eliminate overhead costs, reduce manpower, and streamline business processes for continued cost savings. In fact, just the elimination of printing costs for signs and menus will pay for the system in no time. Hence, profits climb when you use digital signage to promote higher-margin items and daily specials. Achieve all of these benefits with incredible efficiency from MOXY Restaurant Solutions.

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