Best Loyalty Program for Restaurants on the Market

Customers looking for a loyalty program for restaurants need look no further. With a rewards program from MOXY Restaurant solutions, customers can earn credit to come back. And restaurants can earn loyal clients for years to come. It’s one of the many features of the Heartland Restaurant POS system used by MOXY Restaurant Solutions. Heartland’s software is the most robust and feature-packed on the market. It offers powerful point-of-sale technology and data-backed, back-end analytics. It’s the perfect vehicle for offering customers a rewards program and accepting gift cards. Improve efficiency in your restaurant with this valuable software. The experts at MOXY Restaurant Solutions will help you set it up for fast, easy access. Below, check out what makes this solution so perfect.

The Best Loyalty Program for Restaurants

Loyal customers are a very valuable thing for restaurant owners. But you don’t get them overnight. And you don’t keep them without making it worth their while. The best loyalty program for restaurants strikes a balance between benefits for the customers and the restaurant. With the Heartland Restaurant system, you can build a rewards program that’s right for your restaurant. Earn loyal customers with incentive levels you set.

You can even set up the loyalty program and run it, all from Apple’s iPad system. This intuitive, simple interface will make every part of your operation a breeze. Don’t waste money on expensive, outdated machinery. Utilize the power of the iPad to get the most out of your POS. Plus, this system runs in the cloud, so you can back up and access data from anywhere, any time. It is there for you, even after a power outage.

Heartland Restaurant POS and MOXY Restaurant Solutions – a Perfect Team

So, what makes our partnership with Heartland’s software so great? Check out all these amazing benefits:

Tablet & Terminal POS

  • With Heartland Restaurant software, you are in control. Build or edit menus, run reports, incorporate payroll and inventory management. With a customized setup, you can quickly and easily process every transaction and keep your customers happy.

Secure Payments

  • Get the most out of your credit card transactions. Get next-day funding, low-cost equipment, and, best of all, no hidden fees. Plus, a dedicated sales representative makes signing up easy and quick.

Digital Signage

  • Display daily specials or change menus remotely from your POS. Most businesses experience up to a 5% sales lift when they start using digital signage. Plus, they offer cost-saving benefits through eliminating labor and material costs of traditional signage. Control one location or a nationwide chain from any device.

Responsive Website

  • MOXY Restaurant Solutions offers custom websites. This is are often the first impression restaurants make on potential customers. Don’t make the wrong impression with an outdated or unresponsive site. Let us optimize your website for phone and tablet access.

Social Media

  • Social media is a great (and inexpensive) way of building your brand and attracting new customers. Let our experts help you get the most out of your online presence.

Print Collateral

  • Print menus and signs aren’t dead, they’ve just changed. Let our experts show you how to make print materials work for, not against, your business.


We even offer photography services, so you can always send the right message. Our creative and visual experts can create the perfect photograph or video to promote your products or services. Nothing is better than food photography to promote your menu items!

Backed by Dependable Service

A great POS system doesn’t mean much if it doesn’t work well. That’s why MOXY Restaurant Solutions backs up all their products with industry-leading service. Eliminate overhead, cut back manpower, and streamline multiple processes for cost savings. Boost sales and attract new customers with their many innovative products and services.  

Today, give them a call at 336-588-9405 for a free quote.