Top Restaurant POS System Available from MOXY Restaurant Solutions

A restaurant POS system might be the single most important tool for modern restaurants. After all, the POS can act as the hub for all business in the restaurant. A POS streamlines all transactions and payments, manages inventory, tracks employee time sheets, and more. It handles all customer orders, both in-house and online. This leads to incredible operational efficiencies for owners and managers. But it also leads to a better customer experience. That’s why MOXY Restaurant Solutions uses only the latest and greatest POS software from Heartland, the industry leader. With this software and service from MOXY Restaurant Solutions, restaurants can operate better than ever. That goes for all restaurant owners, whether you own one location, multiple locations, or a franchise. Every customer will appreciate the powerful capabilities of this POS system, even though it is invisible to them!

The Heartland Restaurant POS System

Since 2000, Heartland has been pioneering POS software. Their new offering, the Heartland Restaurant POS System (HRPOS), is their most innovative yet. This POS system offers inventory management, customer-facing options, and delivery service features. Heartland’s system combines powerful POS technology with powerful back-end analytics. Best of all, this innovative system has top-quality, efficient service from MOXY Restaurant Solutions behind it. So, you’ll always be able to ask questions and have 24/7 support.

POS systems cost more than a traditional paper-and pencil and old-fashioned register. However, they also come with far more benefits. In fact, with these innovative features, the POS can pay for itself in no time. Save time and money quickly and easily building or updating menus. Keep track of inventory automatically. Treat every customer with a modern experience. Let your employees track their time sheets. Offer easy-to-use loyalty programs and online ordering. This investment can pay off in no time.

Check out some of the great features of this system:

  • Cloud-based POS system
  • Conversational ordering feature
  • Apps available for iOS and Android
  • Mobile-responsive online ordering management
  • Kiosk-mode available for self-ordering
  • Customer-facing display option
  • Kitchen-facing display option
  • Inventory management
  • Native system operates through internet outages
  • Table-side ordering option
  • Signature capture service
  • Driver dispatch mode with map feature for deliveries
  • Waitlist management
  • Built-in time and attendance with photo verification
  • Intuitive check splitting options for customer
  • Cloud management for setup and reporting
  • Powerful business analytics
  • EMV processing service
  • Connect through Wi-Fi or ethernet
  • Ever-expanding list of integration partners
  • And many more!

Integrate with Other MOXY Restaurant Solutions Services

MOXY Restaurant Solutions offers a host of other services. From operations to marketing, they can help your restaurant run more efficiently. Plus, they offer industry-leading digital signage solutions that can attract customers and boost sales. Digitize your menu and save money, while highlighting specials or other promotions. Best of all, though, they can integrate these other services with your POS system. So, restaurants that use them for multiple solutions can benefit from even more efficiency and synergy. By integrating digital signage, business owners can automatically update menus and pricing right from the POS. Enjoy features such as real-time changes, powerful reporting, secure access levels and much more.

So, give them a call today at 336-588-9405 to see how they can help with your restaurant.