Which Restaurant Point of Sale (POS) Systems Provide the Best Performance?

restaurant point of sale systemsIf you search online for the best restaurant point of sale systems to use, you receive a multitude of results. Then, trying to narrow them down to determine which is actually the best POS system is not an easy task. Therefore, you need to arm yourself with a bit of knowledge beforehand. Fortunately, MOXY Restaurant Solutions can guide you to the best options.

Top Three Restaurant Point of Sale Systems Features

First, think about what you expect from your point of sale system software to help your business run effectively. Reliability is probably near the top of your list. Not only should you expect it from the software you choose, your customers depend on it. After all, how well your system works is a reflection on you and your business.

Additionally, flexibility matters. As any business owner knows, needs can change within minutes. For instance, inventory may be running low and you need to make a quick adjustment. Ultimately, a system that flows and changes with demands such as this is essential. Moreover, you need flexibility in who uses the system as well. Certainly, not everyone in the business should have the same access to information. Payment figures, reports and other data need protection. Therefore, choose a system with variable access permission levels. In other words, you can set up or revoke user permissions easily.

Likewise, a system that is intuitive and user-friendly is imperative. Flexibility is irrelevant if few employees understand how to use the software provided. Preferably, you should choose a business that offers training as well.

Fortunately, Heartland Dinerware fulfills all of these imperatives and more. Better yet, its creators incorporated robust features typically found in higher-priced options. Consequently, it’s one of the best POS systems on the market. You can find these systems in multiple establishments across the country. From upscale and casual restaurants to wineries and yogurt shops, Dinerware is a leader in the food industry. This is exactly why we integrate it into our services at MOXY Restaurant Solutions.

Dinerware POS Features

This diverse point-of-sale system is intuitive and easy to use. Similarly, management functions are live and require no system restarts. Also, you can change menu options on the fly and view real time reporting including payroll, sales, inventory and discounts. Other features include:

  • Powerful Discount Rules – Promote specials and happy hours and automatically apply discounts.
  • Multiple Revenue Centers – Categorize sales then define by job, assigned section or both.
  • Digital Signage – Integrate your POS system with MoxyVISION Digital Signage for automatic updating.
  • Coursing – Enter all courses, apps, soup/salad, entrees and desserts at one time.
  • Inventory Management – Utilize built-in reports to manage inventory and food costs.
  • Payroll Management – Keep track of payment for hourly wages and export data with ease.
  • Table Layout – Manage table layout and server sections.
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) – Compile customer information and manage preferences.
  • Fresh Sheet – Utilize a home screen countdown to keep real-time track of limited inventory.
  • Server Closeout Reports – Receive detailed cash and credit card sales at clock-out.
  • Scale Integration – Use weight-based product pricing and entry tools.to manage log-in credentials.

Servers and customers, both directly and indirectly, benefit from multiple payment options. For example, robust bill splitting, bar tabs and fast-pay make payment easier for everyone. And, if you choose MOXY Restaurant Solutions, you can link your POS to an online ordering platform. We offer full service on these systems, from card reader to brain unit, software setup to training and management.

POS Systems Enhance Sales

Furthermore, restaurant point of sale systems have a fantastic return on investment. Leading systems with the best ROI are the ones that incorporate the features mentioned above. Forbes reveals how well these systems track business performance and provide insight. With these tools, you can tailor decisions that not only increase performance but enhance sales as well.

AT MOXY Restaurant Solutions, we can help you every step of the way. Today, contact us or call 336-588-9405 so that we can help you find the best solutions for your restaurant!