Why Should You Add an Online Ordering System to Your Restaurant Website?

online ordering systemThere are certain traits that all successful websites have. In addition to being attractive and holding the reader’s attention, they have to be user-friendly. These days, potential customers don’t spend a lot of time on a site. If they can’t find what they need, they will quickly go elsewhere. This is why businesses have to make things easy for them. For restaurants, this means making the ordering process as simple as possible. Adding an online ordering system is the best way to do this.

The Benefits of an Online Ordering System

Happy Customers

Customers need to be the focus of every restaurant, and owners should always look for ways to make them happier. While you want people to come in to dine, not everyone has the time to do this. This is why take -out food is even more popular now than in the past. But, if you still require customers to call to place an order, you may lose business. Hungry people want to easily place an order for their food, pay for it and pick it up. They want to do this by interacting on your website. People today are using their mobile devices to do a major part of their purchasing. Also, taking web orders means you aren’t paying someone to answer the phone and take orders.

More Productive Workers

Not having to take calls for orders is also good for your employees. This frees up their time to be more productive and helpful in the restaurant. In addition, the online ordering system connects with the kitchen. Once a customer places an order, there is no middle man to intercept it. As a result, this will speed things up, and at the same time reduce any errors. Also, since the customer pays online, no one has to process the payment in the restaurant. Online orders mean your staff spends very little time handling the order, thus producing lower cost for you. Another benefit – more free tables for those dining in.

Increased Profits

When someone is on their way home and they want to pick up some food, what do they do? The majority of folks pull out a device. Then, they visit a familiar website or search for something yummy in their area. When they find something good, they can quickly place an order, but they have to be able to do that. An online ordering system on your site gives people encouragement to choose your restaurant. If they have to drop in or call to place an order, chances are good they won’t bother. In fact, your competitors are probably receiving those orders online! As you can see, these systems pay for themselves quickly as a result of reduced costs and increased business!

The Different Types of Online Ordering Software

There are three types of online ordering software. Integrated software connects with your POS system. Both the kitchen and hostess/cashier get notifications of orders. Non-integrated software doesn’t communicate with your POS. Once a customer places an order, an employee has to enter it into your system. Another option involves using a third-party delivery company like Uber Eats. This can be a great add-on to an in-house ordering system.

MOXY Restaurant Solutions Has a Full Line of Web Development Options

If it’s time to revamp your website, MOXY Restaurant Solutions can help. We offer complete web design services. This includes the integration of your website and mobile sites with a POS system. We create your online menu and keep it updated, add photo and video galleries, and much more. Our graphic designers can take food photos or videos of your dishes. There are many tools available to make your food appealing to the person ordering online.

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